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Company Description

Martin and Mortimer is an independent partnership of R.I.C.S. qualified Chartered Surveyors. Established in Bishop''s Stortford in 1965, we specialise in the preparation of Detailed Building Surveys, Homebuyer Surveys and Valuations of residential properties for mortgage and other purposes.

We do not sell property, insurance or any other products and act only on behalf of our clients.
Our aim is to provide clear, concise and level-headed advice. Our unrivalled local knowledge and wealth of experience, built up over 69516 inspections, allow us to give impartial, accurate and substantive advice on a broad range of property related matters.

All our surveyors are R.I.C.S. qualified and undertake Continual Professional Development training. The Partnership is I.S.O 9002 Registered and is a Panel Valuer for most of the major mortgage lenders.

The Detailed Building Survey (formally known as a structural survey) is suitable for any property type and condition. The inspection covers all visible and accessible areas of the property, both internally and externally. Each structural element is examined, described and assessed and, if necessary, a course of remedial action is recommended.

Services are inspected and assessed where they are visible but no tests are performed. Outbuildings and annexes are included. Maintenance considerations are assessed and commented on. A summary of necessary work and an approximate estimate of the total cost is given where necessary. An opinion of market value can be given, on request.

It is ideal for the older property as well as for more modern properties with extensions, alterations and/or suspected defects, whether rectified or not. The report is also useful if alterations or extensions are being considered as well as for vendors wishing to aid marketing of their property. The bespoke format allows the surveyor to tailor the report to the individual property and client requirements and our aim is to provide as much information as is possible whilst using clear and concise language.

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